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About how2study.co.uk

“Our life is frittered away by detail...simplify, simplify.” Henry David Thoreau

These days we live life in the technological fast lane. We’ve had to become multitasking masters to survive daily life. Email, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums, multiple RSS feeds, multiple browser windows open, smartphones ringing, satellite TV channels proliferating, we’re suffering from total information overload. Distractions come from all sides.

And yet somehow we have to find the time to sort what’s relevant from what’s not, what needs action and what can be left, all whilst still being expected to do all the things we used to do, the things we did before the Information Age came along and made our lives so much more complete.

For those of us who are studying, these additional pressures can push us over the edge. We have a hundred and one tasks to complete before we even start work on our studies. How can we possibly also find the time to search for advice and information that might help us study, how can we filter out the important from the irrelevant? We want to know what’s going to help us, but we don’t want to spend hours looking for it.

how2study.co.uk - distilled thinking on study matters

how2study.co.uk is a completely free resource aimed at providing students with a single source of information on study and exam skills. We sort the wheat from the chaff, filter out the unimportant or frankly ridiculous and provide you with what’s left. We’ve pared down, distilled, simplified, abridged, reduced and generally made your life a whole lot easier by including only that information most likely to be of use or interest to you. Leave the information overload and frittering away to us and concentrate on what matters - your study success.

how2study.co.uk really is completely and utterly 100% free, gratis, on the house, complimentary, nada etc. etc. - no catches, no paid subscription necessary! Of course, if you want to avail yourself of one of our products, we’ll be very happy, but there’s really no need if you’d rather just browse. We are also third party ad free to avoid making the site look like a real dog’s dinner, which frankly many of the other “how to study” websites look like, in our humble opinion of course! You pays your money, you makes your choice, as they say, or in the case of our website, you just makes your choice. Enjoy!