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Essential reading on all things study and exam related

Write away your worries

Our comment:  Evidence proving that writing is good for you and your exam performance

Exam failure’s £100,000 legal fight

Our comment:  This shows just how much using the correct exam technique really is worth!

How does Facebook affect your study habits?

Our comment:  What we’ve suspected for some while, technology isn’t always the ‘enabler’ it’s touted as

Seven steps to a sharper brain

Our comment:  Well worth a read

Take time for tea and give your brain a lift

Our comment:  Why a cup of tea will help your studies - we’ve always enjoyed a good cuppa!

The new reality of studying in the UK

Our comment:  An interesting look at how technology and online learning are playing an increasingly important role in education today

Brain responses the same to acute and chronic sleep loss

Our comment:  Proof that late night cramming the week before your exam really does harm your chances of success

Pupils using ‘excuses’ for extra exam marks

Our comment:  We’re not suggesting you should bump your parents off but…

Should you be taking a memory pill?

Our comment:  A fascinating article on memory

Education call over blood pressure

Our comment:  So studying really is good for you after all…

Lying in at the weekend boosts your brain power

Our comment:  Now there’s a good excuse for that Sunday morning lie-in

Cheating pupils smuggling mobile phones into exam halls

Our comment:  Innocence is no excuse - don’t get caught in the exam hall with technology unless you want to ruin your chances…

Why exam cheats must try harder

Our comment:  No sniffling in your exam! An interesting peak into the lengths some cheats will go to.

The pen is mightier than the sword for brain training

Our comment: Don’t give up the pen and paper just yet then…

The effects of sleep deprivation on brain and behaviour

Our comment:  A bit technical in places, but the conclusions are inescapable – you need enough sleep for your brain to function properly

The effect of music on the brain

Our comment:  Music can adversely affect your concentration when you’re studying, but at other times it’s of real benefit, as this article shows.


Ready, Steady, GO!

Getting down to study

Your Study Environment

Deciding on the where

Watch What You Tell Yourself

Why negative self-talk can lead to an exam fail

Laugh Your Way to an Exam Pass

Why smiling through adversity makes sense

Self Belief Not Required

Why you don’t even need to believe in positive thinking to benefit from it

The Power of the Mind

Why positive thinking isn’t just wishful thinking